Topic: Philosophy

The dialogues of Plato /
A little history of philosophy /
The Muqaddimah : an introduction to history /
Fact and fiction /
The principles of mathematics
Rūḥ kyā he? : majmūʻah-yi maqālāt /
Dialogues of Plato /
The story of philosophy : the lives and opinions of the greater philosophers /
Philosophical essays /
The theory of everything : the origin and fate of the universe /
The curtain : an essay in seven parts /
The flame of Sinai : hope and vision in Iqbal /
Realization of Iqbal's educational philosophy in montessori system /
Iqbal and the Western philosophers : a comparative study /
An outline of philosophy,
Philosophical essays /
The 100 most influential philosophers of all time /
The Oxford India Tagore : selected writings on education and nationalism /
Iqān-i Iqbāl.
Light on the ancient worlds /